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AmeriBolt  Made in USA - Bolts & Studs - Our Quality certified ISO 9001: 2008.  We can meet your customer’s requirements for 100% domestic, as well as requests for “no China,” DFARS or other material requirements and specifications.


Brighton Best  Our main source Hex headed screws and hardened fasteners.


Chicago Hardware  - Small Turnbuckles and Turned Eye Bolts


Hillman Fasteners  - Specialty hardware


Hindley  ‘S’  Hooks & Small Eye Bolts


International Fasteners Daggerz  - Deck screws


Marson Co  Rivet Nuts


Mize Wire Company Wire clips and pins


Prime Source  Varies Fastening Products & Tools


Simpson Anchors Concrete anchoring products


Strong Point Tek Screws


Wej-It Concrete anchors



United Abrasives –SAIT  Cut off wheels, flap wheels, polishing pads, wire wheels















Alfa Tools  a wide selection of standard and hard to find specialty tools, abrasives, and chemical products.


Apex Specialty Bits


American Power Pull  Wire rope pullers


Black Jack  Tire repair products


Bondhus  Hex Drivers, Allen Wrenches & Felo Brand Screwdrivers


Channel Lock  Every CHANNELLOCK® tool has been obsessively designed down to the smallest detail.


Champion  Cutting tools, Carbide Burrs, Maintenance Reamers, Carbide Tipped Hole Saws & Combo Drill Taps


ITM  Hole saws


Irwin / ViseGrip  Irwin & ViseGrip Tools


Nebo Tools  - NEBO® Tools, one of the world’s best-selling lines of innovative, consumer-friendly flashlights and tools. 


Warrensville Files Files


Wright Tools  Wright Tool, perfecting performance.






Mize Wire Wire,  clips and pins, insulated terminals, wire nuts, butt connectors, fuses,, wire from 8 Gauge to 18 Gauge, iinsulated wire clamps













American Power Pull Wire rope pullers


Au-ve-co Products - Automotive Body Hardware and Specialty Fasteners


Black Jack  -  Tire repair products


Chicago Hardware Wire Rope and Chain Fittings, Industrial and Marine Hardware and Allied Products


Durham Manufacturing  -  Industrial Storage & Workspaces


ERB Saftey Safety Glasses, Hard Hats & Gloves


G.L. Huyett  -  Pins, and wire products


Markal / LA-CO Markers, Zoom oil and Rust buster, paint pens


Palm Labs  -  Thread locker, Sealants and Anti-Seize products


ProGrip  -  Bungee Cords, Tarp Straps, Cargo Straps


Seymour Aerosol Products  -  Knives, tools


SOG Knives and Tools -  Spray Paints & Aerosol Lubricants


United Abrasives – SAIT  -  Cut off wheels, flap wheels, polishing pads, wire wheels


Warrensville Files  -  Files

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